Sunday, June 6, 2010

Streator IL Tornado

The massive tornado that hit the state of Illinois has injured any people. The Tornado that hit the central region of the State of Illinois has destroyed many homes and devastated the infrastructure. The series of natural disasters have been reported this month and the Streator IL tornado is among one of them. The local county issued a warning of a massive tornado headed their way and the severe weather conditions transformed into a tornado. The rescue teams and emergency crew reached to the affected areas to help the injured people. The weather conditions went out of control after severe weather conditions and populations of about fifteen thousand people were evacuated from the region. A reporter from the affected area reported that the scene at the devastated area seemed to be like a war zone and the people were trapped in damaged structures.
The Streator IL tornado hit on Sunday and took down the electricity supply to the area. The officials reported that the people were out of electricity in numerous areas. The transport and communication was also disrupted and the emergency crew had to face a lot of problems to take the injured people to the medical centers. An eye witness at the affected area said that he saw roof tops blow away and a massive series of winds destroyed everything. The area is still expected to hit another storm and the officials are trying to rescue to the survivors before the next natural disaster occurs. The people in the region are not safe and another Streator IL tornado can hit anytime near.


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