Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pretty Little Liars episode 8

Pretty Little Liars episode 8. “Please do talk about me when I’m Gone”, the pretty little liars season 1 episode 8. This brilliant television show will be air on the 27th day of July 2010, a nice day to watch. I know that everybody was waiting for this episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars, and now here it is. Everybody will surely like this episode 8. In the episode, the girls are ready to say goodbye to their friend Alison, on her memorial service approach. But on the other hand saying goodbye is the last thing to do according to Alison’s brother Jason. Everyone wants to celebrate a peaceful life in a positive way for Alison, but with Detective Wilden back on the scene and Jason taking over the girls realize they may not have prepared for what is to come.
Pretty Little Liars episode 8, the episode you should watch and be crazy at. So guys don’t dare missed this episode 8 of Pretty Little Liars


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