Thursday, July 29, 2010

Watch Jersey Shore season 2
Jersey Shore Season 2 Premieres on MTV tonight. In this season, Snooki and the gang is set to take over Miami with a ‘whole new bunch of craziness’ as the show promises this second season. If you missed the fist pumping, random fights, and chronic flaunting of ‘The Situation’ then today is your lucky today.

Click Here To Watch Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 1 Online

In an interview from, the situation told the viewers what they could expect from the second season of the reality show: “There’s so much more hookups, make-ups, breakups, the whole nine, and you guys are definitely going to love season two.” There will be a new cast member in the group as Deena Nicole Cortese jumps in on the fun. Cortese is already stirring up controversy through a rant that she uploaded on her MySpace account where she reportedly used the dreaded ‘N’ word. Cortese is rumored to be the replacement of outgoing cast member Angelina Pivarnick as this will be her last.

The cast is set to return for a third season but not without a hefty pay raise. The gang went on strike recently to get an increase and apparently they are expected to get a bigger payday especially Snooki and ‘The Situation’. The cast apparently demanded to get paid at least $30,000 per episode! According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV offered them “with a number close to that figure.”

Jersey Shore follows the adventure of hard partying young adults on various resorts along New Jersey. The girls have penchant for tanning beds while the guys dish out epic one liners and occasional fist pumping. Follow the lives of Snooki, The Situation, Vinny D, J Woww, DJ Pauly D and the rest of the gang on MTV’s Jersey Shore airing every Thursday 10:00PM on MTV.


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