Tuesday, August 10, 2010

America’s Got Talent: 10 Year Old Jackie Evancho Steals the Show


Last night’s edition of the television reality/competition show ‘America’s Got Talent’ featured nothing but contestants who were a part of the YouTube auditions in which literally thousands of people sent in their videos in an attempt to qualify for the show, and only twelve were selected.

Those twelve people performed on stage last night in front of millions, hoping to gain the vote of America. After the show, America voted by phone, and only four of the original twelve will remain after the results show which will air tonight.

There were several very good acts, including Maestro Alexander Bui, a sixteen year old classical pianist who was absolutely amazing, and Dan Sperry, a magician who was very much like a character from a Tim Burton movie, and had everyone laughing when his antics had Howie Mandel on the run.

But just as it seemed the end of the show was coming, that one special jewel in the mix stepped out onto the stage and shocked the audience, the judges, and most likely sure the world with her stunning voice. The contestant was ten year old Jackie Evancho.

How can one describe a voice such as hers? Wow, just wow. Jackie was the favorite of the YouTube community, and had more votes than any of the other YouTube entries. From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this outstanding child gave an amazing performance that sounded like an angel.

It is very likely that Americans were already going crazy over this little girl within minutes of the show’s airing. It is predicted that we will see and hear much more out of Jackie Evancho. Her YouTube audition can be seen embedded below.


Eric said...

When I saw your performance on AGT last night, I said to myself, "No f-----g way that is coming out of her mouth! Is it live or is it Memorex?" However, I see that you have a talent, and you should advance to the semi-finals tonight. Good luck to you!

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