Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jersey Shore Season 4 Spoilers: Season 3 Finale Moves On

Jersey Shore Season 3 is Barely Over, and While Not Many Details Have Been Revealed Yet About Jersey Shore Season 4, Some Have
We felt that the Jersey Shore season 3 finale was a bit flat and not as exciting as some of the past season finales, however, we already have season 4 confirmed and that gives us something to look forward to.

Jersey Shore season 4 will be filmed in Italy, we already know that, and it appears that the cast will be heading there on April 18 to film until June 20.

However, they may be returning to Seaside after all, as there is talks that the cast could film Memorial Day weekend in Jersey after all.

There is also rumors that the producers may be added new cast members for season 4. We just hope it's not Angelina or Jeff (that guy who proposed to Snooki on the cover of a magazine).

It could be fun to maybe get Ryder (Snooki's friend) to come along, or that guy who looked like Ronnie on this season.

What would be the best of all, is to leave Ron and Sam at home, but she know that's not going to happen.

So it appears that the cast are still friends for the most part after season 3, so it will be interesting to see what happens in season 4, and the sooner they film it, the sooner it can get on the air!

What did you think of season 3?


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