Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Selena Gomez Punched In the Face By Bieber Fan!

All it took was a few recently snapped photos of the young actress leaving an LA eatery with the Biebs to kick-start the trend #sorryjustin on Twitter. In the pics, it looks like Selena is covering her face, or that her lip was busted. JB walks next to her with what seems like a concerned look on his face.

But it turns out that these two were merely trying to duck the twenty million flash bulbs that were going off in their faces. On top of that, Gomez’s people insisted that she wasn’t injured or attacked, and before long, the trend disappeared.

This has all led me to wax philosophically about Bieber fans. I have noticed that some of them seem to use rumors and trending hashtags as a sort of online catharsis.

Take the supposed threats she has received from his avid fans. I could be wrong, but I would be willing to bet that the average tweenage girl with a Beibs poster over her bed wouldn’t ACTUALLY go after her. Sure, sure, hormonal adolescents shouldn’t be underestimated, but so far nothing has happened outside of the web.

Then there are the rumors. Once pictures of them kissing surfaced online they started kicking into over drive. My theory is that his fans use Twitter to release their pent-up jealous rage without having to leave home. Oh, and the fact that the trend was #sorryjustin speaks volumes—they would actually have more sympathy for him than Selena if she did get punched!

So keep projecting your angst through your keyboards and out onto the web JB fans. After all, it may be a healthy way to work out some of that tension without having to violate the curfew set by your parents.

Conclusion: was Selena Gomez punched in the face? Nope. Sorry.


m.j-ere said...

this is really pathetic, all the things about selena and justin bieber.. death threats? seriously if you were a true fan, then you would be happy for them both rather than making there life feel like hell.
Im more than obsessed with the bieber,& i absulutely love him, and i accept hes got a girlfriend and they both love eachother.
Selena and Justin are great for eachother, and the fans shouldnt do what they are doing, do they really think he'd be single all his life? Or waiting for them?..Im for Jelena!!
Congratulations Justin& Selena..And dont take this happening personal! Please 'Beliebers' Leave them alone! & paparazzi, your one hell of annoying people.. take a few videos& pics but dont get in the way of a moving car! Anyway Thanks for posting this up:) (Twitter @Mafalda123)

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