Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jessi Slaughter aka kerligirl13 has an “emotional breakdown.”

kerligirl13 Jessi Slaughter

I don’t have the full scoop on this yet, but it is insanity none the less. What makes it a bit more sickening is that her parents are there “supporting” her, yelling at the people on the internet and threatening legal action —instead of taking her computer away. Once again, she’s 11. What a potty mouth!

Kerligirl13 is a young girl named Jessi Slaughter between the approximate age of 11-14 that has been known as “slut”, “white trash”, “whore”, a “baby”, and many other things. She cusses and swears quite often in her videos, listens to music most people believe to be inappropriate for her age, and has “sex” listed as one of her hobbies.

Here is the “emotional breakdown”

Here is her parent/father’s direct response:

Here is the original video that apparently started it all:


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