Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thor Movie Trailer Among Latest Avengers Teases

A Thor movie trailer was expected at Comic Con yesterday, but the Thor movie trailer was one of several Avengers themed events. The Thor trailer is merely the latest set up for the Avengers film. Marvel's master plan to
bring all of their super heroes together in movie form has almost paid off, especially after this weekend. Next year, the last few members of the team will get their own film, and then in 2012, Joss Whedon will finally unite the whole team. But first, the Thor movie trailer served as the first look at the former God of the team.

Those who stuck around at the end of Iron Man 2 saw Thor's famous hammer land in the desert. At Comic Con 2010, fans got the first look at the rest of him, embodied by Star Trek's Chris Hemsworth. Kenneth Branagh is directing the origin, with Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

The 5-minute Thor movie trailer cuts between the former Norse God being interrogated on Earth, and how he was banished from Asgard. The famed Destroyer armor also makes an appearance, both in the teaser and on the Comic Con 2010 exhibit floor.

The Thor movie trailer video is not online yet, although audio clips are available. But that is not the only new footage fans are searching for, as Marvel also unveiled the first look at Captain America and The Green Lantern. The footage for The Green Lantern was unveiled in its own panel earlier yesterday, while the Captain America team showed off an early scene they shot last week.

This Captain America teaser was followed by the Thor trailer on the Marvel panel, before they revealed what everyone really came to see. After these two films are released, The Avengers will finally be ready to go for a 2012 release. They just had to cast - or re-cast - the final members of the team before they could bring the whole team to Comic Con 2010.

Jeremy Renner was officially cast as Hawkeye a few days ago, while rumors that Mark Ruffalo would be the new Hulk were confirmed. At the end, Marvel brought the entire Avengers squad out for the first time, including Iron Man heroes Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and Clark Gregg.


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