Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jessi Slaughter given PCP by her father

Jessi slaughter given pcp by her father – Jessi Slaughter is an eleven year old girl who’s constructing the top rounds on the internet for her video channel on Youtube on which she uses a really bad language.

Jessi Slaughter is just eleven years old but if you hear her talking, you can’t tell whether it’s an 11 year old girl verbalizing or a fully grown up, bad-mouthed female who is raving. Jessi Slaughter has her own video channel on Youtube and she places many videos by the name of kerligirl13. These video recordings are created unsupervised and in Jessi’s own room.

Apparently Jessi Slaughter also has many haters who post minus comments about her and in her late video she broke down in front of the camera and even her father turned up in the video to diss all her haters.

While such videos and photos of kerligirl13 are shown on the online web with such young girls placing bad stuff unsupervised over the internet, then one does wonder what the cosmos is coming to; awesome story from Jessi slaughter given pcp by her father; kerligirl13.


curse of curves said...

wooow. i'm not a hater. but this girl needs heelp. Sure people shouldn't use death threats, or call her crap. But she threatened them in return. fire vs fire. its just gunna come back in her face, and it did. She should have thought the consequences through. and she didn't....

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