Friday, February 18, 2011

Justin Bieber Shot Killed On CSI Episode Not In Real Life [Video]

Now Justin Bieber was shot in an episode of CSI. This is just an episode on TV. Please don’t get freaked. His episodes on this particular show is now over, that is all.

But, wow. What an explosion on all social media. The instant this shows up, people are screaming about it being in the real world. People. It’s a SHOW. CSI is an incredible show, and his character, Jason McCann just didn’t make it. Sorry for the spoiler.

You will see him singing, dancing his way into the hearts of millions of rabid fans, so not to worry.

Justin Bieber was shot dead Thursday night on his return to CSI so it looks like the Biebs won’t be returning to the crime drama any time soon.

The original plan for Bieber’s character, Jason McCann, was for him to blow himself up, but in the end the writers decided a shooting would be a better way for the character to go.

a Google query for ‘Justin Bieber Dead’ retrieves 25.2m results, though not for the reason you may imagine – it’s usually fans trying to confirm if the latest weekly prank over the singer’s demise is accurate.

As of this writing, Bieber has apparently died in a car crash, been killed by a grenade and perhaps most likely, died while attempting a backflip – the YouTube clip for the latter is most misleading video of all time. Good backflip though. Even when Bieber was shot in an upcoming episode of CSI, media outlets couldn’t resist the headline ‘Justin Bieber dies…. in CSI!’, while even South Park had the teen idol die in a battle with the fictional monster Cthulhu.

So, of course, the Bieber is NOT dead. Be not troubled.


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