Friday, August 20, 2010

Jennifer Aniston’s R Word Stirs Controversy

Jennifer Aniston’s “R” word has generated hullabaloo. Jennifer Aniston R word set the controversy when appeared on the Regis and Kelly show. While commenting on her photo shoot for the magazine Harpers Bazaar, Jennifer Aniston stated that she is a Barbara Streisand enthusiast.

Prior to Jennifer Aniston’s R word, the star was explaining her feelings for Barbara Streisand. Regis held up a sequence of photos of Jenifer Aniston remaking several of Barbara’s most celebrated appearances’.

Jennifer Aniston’s R word came up when she was explaining her experience with the photo shoot when Regis interrupted by stating “You’re playing dress up.” This interjection by Regis resulted in the pop up of Jennifer Anniston’s R word. “I play dress up, for a living- like a retard,” responded Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston’ R word thus set out controversy.

Albeit, the viewers broke into laughter at Jennifer Aniston’s R word, but the statement is stirring ample negative criticism.

Many experts in the media believe that Jennifer Aniston’s R word is disappointing since she has influence on the society and her R word may lead to negative trends including dehumanization of people with cognitive disabilities and setting harmful stereotypes.

Meanwhile a lot of advocacy efforts are going on to eliminate and discourage the use of R word. One of the organizations with a commitment to eliminate the use of the R word is . This organization represents the members of the disable people in the society to ensure their dignity. It has a list of 200 supporting organizations from around the world that support the R-word efforts. Jennifer Aniston’s “R” word might have enraged this organization. The best option available is Jennifer Aniston must apologize for the use of R word and join the efforts of this organization to eliminate the use of R words.


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