Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Backflipping Trick Play Goes Awry - Backflipping Trick Play FAILS: Ref Ejects Coach

Backflipping. By the time he got to the 5th backflip the ref threw a flag for excessive celebration and stopped the play. Watauga's coach stormed the field, argued the call, and was then ejected from the game.

The best part of the video is the commentators wondering what was illegal about the play, with one of them finally answering that it was stupid. "Stupid isn't illegal," another retorts.

America's high school coaches. Enough with the trick plays. It's fun to be a viral video for a couple of days, but this one's going too far. Thankfully the refs stopped it and ejected the coach before the trickery embarrassed everyone.

Yahoo says this one comes from Friday's game between a couple of North Carolina schools. With Watauga High preparing for the point-after, kicker Cam Haas lined up at receiver, then went in motion — in a very handspring backflippy way.

He was flagged for excessive celebration at about the fifth flip, the play blown dead. Haas was ejected, as was Watauga coach Tim Pruitt.


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